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Breanna Lee Design took a standard bedroom and transformed it into a luxurious master suite. Bre noticed that there was an unused office next to the bedroom and decided to knock down the wall, seal the door on the other side, and turn it into a large wardrobe. This addition added a ton of space and natural light into the new master suite. 

In the bedroom, Bre wanted to keep a neutral color pallet in the surface materials and utilize the natural light and openness into the room. She selected furniture that lifted off the ground to enhance the openness of the space and then highlighted the room with rich blue velvets, crushed silk fabrics, and specialty accessories.


In the wardrobe, Bre worked closely with her clients to ensure that each drawer, shelf, and hanging storage placemnt was exactly where they wanted it to be. She then transferred those details into specification sheets and coordinated with the cabinetry specialist to make sure everything was perfect.      

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