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This project was designed for a wonderful couple who wanted to finally build their dream master bathroom. Bre worked on this remodel from start to finish and her highest priority was to create a highly functional bathroom for two people. 

Bre's overall vision was to create an environment that had high contrast and touches of gold elements to refine the look. She wanted to bring this couple a luxury design that made their morning routine more enjoyable.   

During the remodel, Bre maximized every inch of this master bathroom layout. She created a large 108" x 60" shower with two shower heads, tucked a 60" tub in the window nook, added a 108" vanity with a 48"' sink trough, and a 48" floor to ceiling linen closet. She then selected large scale tiles and an oversized slab countertop to complement the overall scale of the bathroom and added small detailing in verticle tiles and gold trim finishes. To carry out the gold accent throughout the bathroom, Bre selected gold hardware, fixtures, and lighting.

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 1.59.08 PM.png
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